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Fables: Wolves

WolvesFables: Wolves by Bill Willingham


It’s hard to think of something new to say each time I comment on the latest Fables collection. By now, I’ve either convinced you to read them, or not. So, I’ll make this short.

In this collection, Bigby comes back into the story, with the help of Mowgli, and he gets involved in a clandestine operation involving the Adversary. It doesn’t resolve too too much, but it does set up the plot for future stories, which is very cool. Issue #50 is a part of this collection, too, and the setup ensures that they’re going to at least try to make the series last another 50 issues. Plus, the whole story was well-constructed, and didn’t beat me about the head with its point.

I feel like the series is gathering its legs up underneath itself, preparing to make a big leap forward. This was a gentler sort of collection for Fables, with less direct confrontations involved, but it ends with a clear sense of foreboding. The winds are changing, and I’m eager to see where they take me.


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