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Rocketo: Journey to the Hidden Sea

RocketoRocketo: Journey to the Hidden Sea, Volume One by Frank Espinosa


I had never heard of Frank Espinosa until we received this book in the library.  I flipped through it, since the impressionistic artwork caught my attention, and decided to read it.  It’s been nominated for an Eisner, for cryin’ out loud, so I figured it would be worth reading.

Maybe I’m entering into a stage where I’m burnt out on fiction, because that last few books I’ve read just wound up  being duds.  I really enjoyed the artwork of Rocketo, but the story seemed confusing and complicated, and I had a hard time determing what, exactly, I was supposed to be seeing in Espinosa’s art.  In most cases, this works perfectly; the story is set in a future where mutants and odd life forms exist, and the style is perfect for capturing the otherworldly essence of those creatures.  In the action scenes, though, I was confused.

Rocketo is an old-style adventure comic strip, with boxy heroes with strong chins, and more bravado than a John Wayne convention.  The characters are driven, alternately, by their morals, their greed, and their loyalties, and it reminded me a lot of the Indiana Jones movies, which were in turn inspired by the old serial adventure movies from the 1950s.  So, yes, this is definitely an adventure graphic novel; it just wasn’t quite my thing.

If nothing else, browse through the book to admire Espinosa’s artwork.  I love the artistic styles that suggest more than they declare (I’ll still read anything that Duncan Fegredo illustrates), and Espinosa shines at doing just that.  I’d love to see what he and Neil Gaiman could create together.


December 28, 2006 - Posted by | Graphic Novels, Reviews

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